who we are...

Diana Romano - Lead Vocals

Diana is beyond thrilled to rock out on stage with her father (the drummer) and this collection of talented and inspiring musicians.  She is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in Theatre Performance.  She loves the stage, her family, rock n roll, and most of all her husband Matthew, who is her Knight in Shining Armor.

Paul M - Keyboards & Background Vocals

Paul is a dynamic keyboard player with many years of experience.  He is a veteran of the Long Island Rock scene and has been performing for many years in local bands.  

Jimmy T - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Jimmy studied at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. He played in The Arthur Band  (one of CTA's top groups).  Jimmy did a 3 year stint with Jetta Madge before joining the First Class Management band The Photogenix. He played in Westchester's top band "Hogwild" for 20 years and has now brought his talents to 1984. He has been connected his whole life to the one and only "Henrietta", his 1965 ES-335 burgundy mist Gibson. 

Tommy Stiso - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Tommy is a veteran of the Tri State music scene and has played the bass for several of Long Islands top bands.  He has served as the musical director for The Hogwild Band, The Braveheart Band and now The 1984 Band. He is a rock solid bass player, good vocalist, and known throughout the land for his "stance" on stage. 

Paul Buchwald - Drums

Paul has been playing drums since he was knee high.  He has played in such popular bands as Kid Rags, The Extras, The Hogwild Band, Braveheart... and now The 1984 Band.

He is also the proud father of Diana Romano, the lead singer.

Jeff Witten - Sound Engineer & Road Manager

Jeff has been a sound engineer for more than 20 years.  He is an invaluable part of The 1984 Band and is responsible for running their state of the art sound system.  

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Murray Raz - Band Manager

Murray has been working with bands for over 40 years.  As the drummer for the Eccentrix and Photogenix, he started in the music business in the 1980's.  Both these bands were successful club bands booked by First Class Management.  Murray moved on to work with Scarlet, Aura & True Believer.  Several years ago Murray was recruited by The 1984 Band to be its manager and has been with them ever since.